November 2, 2020

From the Editor

We lead with a Special Report about the post Covid era as told by leading kosher retailers. They give us some fascinating updates on on-site and online sales…It may be more than a year but the countdown to Kosherfest 2021 has begun…While grocers avoided any real food shortages during Covid, they did face shortage of many other items. Read our story…Israeli invention of :30 ice cappuccino or smoothie is on its way to the US market…Kosher home food preparation during Covid created shortages of all things…appliances…Israel’s food industry needs major reset after Covid, US government study shows…Eda Kram has a story on how New Jersey Kosher Law Enforcement officials used Kosherfest to educate industry…In her New Product Showcase Eda Kram covers chicken breaded tenders…In My Sixth Sense, I look at why some people are waiting for a another Chanukah miracle.

Menachem Lubinsky