July 15, 2020

From the Editor

We hope that you are safe and well…We lead with the Breaking News that Quality Frozen Foods was sold. Read our exclusive story…Israel’s tourist industry was hoping for Sukkot revival but it looks increasingly glum…Eda Kram has the story of Avocado which was actually successfully launched at last year’s Kosherfest…Monsey appears to have been the next stop for the rapidly expanding Bingo chain. How will it affect retail in Monsey? The container or the Vertical Farm has arrived at Evergreen. Read our story…Pandemic? What pandemic in the Catskills? Barbecuing gets a big boost in 2020 with more people grilling in their backyards…IN My Sixth Sense I discuss why Kosherfest 2020 should take place…Eda Kram in her New Product Showcase covers YOLO Milk Treat…

Menachem Lubinsky