October 7, 2019

From the Editor

The new product winners are in and the deli section is a big winner. Check out our winners for 2019….Bingo is all about celebrating the holidays, well beyond the food. We have the exclusive story…The kosher BBQ has evolved, almost as dramatically as Sushi. Read our story…Kosherfest is shaping up with an impressive array of educational sessions…The owners of a popular Long Island restaurant have their sights on building a kosher restaurant empire…What happens when a popular brand sends mixed and confusing signals about its kosher certification?...Almost a million Israelis will travel abroad for the holidays…In My Sixth Sense, I question the wisdom of the “Hiatus Exhibitors.”

All of us at Kosher Today, Kosherfest, Lubicom and Diversified Business Communication wish our readers a very Happy New Year and happy holidays!

Please Note: Our next issue will be published on October 29th.

Menachem Lubinsky