August 6, 2019

From the Editor

The blockbuster news of the sale of Manischewitz to Kayco had some yelling monopoly and others price increases. But will the kosher industry really change? Read our analysis and review…Is kosher perpetually behind when it comes to new food trends? Have we raced to adopt the Impossible Burger?...Kashrus organizations in the UK meet to coordinate on issues…The last glatt kosher restaurant in downtown Chicago has closed…The NINE Days are here and meat takes a backseat to pizza, sushi, and the like…Is South Florida the first stop for new concept and themed kosher restaurants?...In My Sixth Sense, I take another look at the Manischewitz acquisition by Kayco. It’s all in the family…Eda Kram in her Nine Days New Product Showcase looks at new Pixie Pops by Norman’s.


Menachem Lubinsky