May 6, 2019

From the Editor

It’s just a week or so after Passover and we take a closer look at what appears to be a very successful holiday season. We heard things like “best Passover ever” and “longest lines ever.”…Waiting for some horror stories of Passover programs? The opposite was true as despite some minor glitches, the season went off without a major hitch…It is no secret that there are many poor Jews, particularly in New York, but one expert says that Amazon may not be ready to serve those looking for kosher products with food stamps despite the announcement by the USDA and Amazon…So what’s the wine flavor for this spring?…Rose! Read our story…Kosher food companies advertised extensively this Passover which is part of our seasonal marketing review…Bet you never heard of the Jewish holiday of “Restocking?” Well, it’s time we introduced you to this age-old holiday…In My Sixth Sense, I avoid taking sides about who is right, those that stay at home or those that go away on Passover…Eda Kram in her New Product Showcase reviews new shelf stable meals by KJ, now available through Amazon.

Menachem Lubinsky