July 24, 2017

From the Editor

Hope you are having a great summer. We’ve got lots of newsstand information this issue. We lead with the Breaking News story of what’s behind the closing of the Manischewitz plant in Newark? We have the exclusive story…With the closing of the Manischewitz, only one domestic matzoh manufacturer remains, Streit’s…”The Shopping Experience” finally comes to the Catskills. Read what we found…Israeli Chefs dream about expansion to US, but not always kosher…Canada restricts some Israeli wines for political reasons…European Jews face new threats to kosher slaughter…Kosher sausages? Just ask Jack, says Devorah Paltiel, our Feature Editor. She also covers the amazing array of kosher foods at this year’s Fancy Food Show…Driving to Florida. Now you can stop at a new kosher restaurant in Jacksonville…In My Sixth Sense, I advise to say thank you to all those new kosher stops along the way…Eda Kram in her New Product Showcase covers new Probiotics bars and powder.


Enjoy your summer!

Menachem Lubinsky