November 12, 2018

Forever Senseless

The horrific attack and loss of life in the Tree of Life Synagogue was yet another reminder of the boundless reach of senseless hate. How sad that Jews congregating in a synagogue should lose their lives there. We all know these people. They walk our streets and shop our stores. They stock up their refrigerators before the Shabbat and introduce that homey odor that transcends generations. They are the grandmothers and grandfathers who we so fondly remember, well beyond their passing. They very well could have been at a Paris kosher grocery shopping for Shabbat foods. Their fate was sealed because they were born Jewish.

For the Jews who live in Squirrel Hill life will go on but the dagger that was thrust into the hearts of the residents and the entire community will forever remain etched in the body and soul of our people. Perhaps the common denominator of all the martyrs was their zest for life, love of the foods that linked them to the past, and above all a love for their tradition and culture. We in the kosher community pause to honor these victims and vow to resist hatred of any kind. יהי זכרם ברוך –

May their memories be blessed.