May 25, 2021

Food Companies Pummeled by Rockets but Gazans Miss Opportunity

Sderot…Located less than a mile from Gaza, this city of some 27,000, is no stranger to rocket attacks. The latest round ended last week with yet another ceasefire between the terrorist organization Hamas and Israel. Over the years, Sderot has suffered numerous casualties with many killed, dozens wounded, and millions of dollars in damages. It happens to be an industrial center, including many food manufacturing plants like Strauss-Elite and Osem which employs 480 workers, manufactures 170 products, including Bamba, Bisli, Mana Hama instant noodle and rice dishes, instant soup powders, shkedei marak, ketchup and sauces.

According to my sources, these factories continued manufacturing despite the incessant rocket fire. I have always felt that a cease fire is not the answer. The world must insist on the disarming of Hamas and then perhaps the industrial zone in Sderot could be extended to Gaza where thousands could be employed and find their way out of poverty instead of becoming human shields.