September 18, 2017

First Class but Not Kosher!

It appears that if you pay for a First Class ticket on a domestic flight nowadays, you may have to do with watching your neighbor’s eat but if you’re lucky your kosher meal will consist of an apple and some crackers, or perhaps a Sabra Hummus with crackers. This is apparently the experience of dozens of travelers who have communicated with Kosher Today in recent months. I myself was not given a kosher meal on a New York-Phoenix flight as my neighbors enjoyed a hearty hot meal. Are airlines like American, Delta and United actually going backwards and no longer accommodating kosher travelers even if they splurge for a First Class seat which at least on American is no big deal or comfort?

Even more insulting than not getting a kosher meal at all is being told that a bag with an apple and a cracker is the kosher meal. This is particularly disturbing as more kosher travelers take to the air, many in First Class. “There isn’t enough of a demand,” said an American flight attendant. Really? What signifies “enough?”