November 10, 2014

Expectations at Kosherfest

Expectations at It’s all about expectations! I believe that this is especially true for the thousands who will be visiting Kosherfest this week. How do I know? It’s based on my conversations with exhibitors, buyers, media people and others. Take Jarrod (almost his real name!), who works for a large catering company. He has been coming to Kosherfest for 15 of the 25 years Kosherfest has been in existence. “I am looking for some specialty item that may get little notice and would be a great twist for an affair I am running.” Or consider Judy, a party planner, for whom “presentation is everything.” What’s her expectation? “To make some new contacts and frankly to get some good ideas.” Then there’s Jack, a buyer for a chain. “New products, new products and more new products!”

So there you have it. One show and so many expectations. It makes me feel good to think that when I started the show a quarter of a century ago, the expectations were not that great. Just meeting other vendors and buyers was an expectation well worth coming. Today, the show can actually fulfill a need for anyone in the food industry, whether booking for exciting new products or finding products to distribute. It’s truly amazing how much goes on under one roof. With each passing year, more and more business is written. You meet people from around the globe who are there to increase kosher business. Ironically, after all these years I no longer have any expectations except for one: a vision of an industry that is progressive, profitable, and meeting the needs of the modern-day kosher consumer. See you at Kosherfest!