June 17, 2020

Eating Out in the Real Sense

Jodi couldn’t contain her excitement. The Starbucks she had come to love was open once again only to learn that for the first time in her life she would not be welcome. As she entered the store, she realized that the normal 6-8 workers were down to only two. “Mam, you have to order on-line. We are open for pickup only.” For now this is the new norm. The classical restaurant is for now extinct. You can order takeout or have it delivered. In some jurisdictions, you can dine outdoors but no more than a paltry three people at a table. Remember when ambience counted for something. Well now that ambience is a holding area for bags upon bags of grab and go.

At the bank around the corner, which was one of the few Citibank branches open, you couldn’t see a vice president unless you had an appointment. Even to approach a teller required waiting at a distance. About the only thing that looked eerily familiar was the cold ATM machine and even there, some people donned gloves just to push the numbers. At the Pomegranate Supermarket, you had better walk in with a mask or you’ll have to pay a dollar for one. This new way of life may take a little getting used to but then again it beats the dire consequences of the Coronavirus!