May 24, 2018

Eating Out and Eating In

Kosher millennials are getting harder to define. Do they eat out more than their predecessors? Apparently yes, say kosher experts. Are they eating more at home? The answer is again yes. Ask any kosher housewife and she might direct you to a few shelves of kosher cookbooks as well as saved magazine supplements. They may also be constantly searching on line on such sites as But wait, these very same housewives are also expert on some of the new kosher restaurants which seemingly keep opening, as Elan Kornblum, “the Restaurant Guy” will tell you.

Confused? Not really. There is an obvious dual track of eating kosher and eating well, both at home or at the many new gourmet high-end restaurants. I don’t really do restaurant reviews but I did want to give a shout out to the Pescada meat restaurant in Brooklyn where my wife and I recently dined on Mother’s Day. Here is an eatery that seemingly has it all together: décor, service, great tasting food, and a truly beautiful presentation (you’ll enjoy watching the smoke evaporate from a smoked class cover over your steak dish). Over the holiday, my daughter treated me to some truly well-prepared recipes that really reflect on the new kosher home millennial cook. Ah, today’s kosher cuisine: the best of both worlds.