June 24, 2019

Eating Healthy Outdoors

It’s the beginning of summer this week and eating outdoors will definitely be in. The BBQ season is upon us but so is eating healthy. A friend recently shared with me his delight for strolling through open air markets. Problem is he is kosher which often poses some challenges. “I saw some excellent roasted nuts and the vendor swore it was kosher but when I asked him what brand oil he used, he conveniently forgot.” Then he stumbled upon some delicious looking melons, “but thankfully I had packed a few plastic knives in my knapsack,” he said. See, you can eat kosher even in an open-air market.

Stopping at roadside farm stands is another pastime for some, except that the good-looking honey jar may actually be flavored and require a kosher certification. But there are always the farm-fresh and even organic grown vegetables that can truly please even a dieter, lest they are sprayed or treated with non-kosher substances. Eating healthy and outdoors can be fun but even there being vigilant about kashrus is a must!