December 15, 2020

Could Back to “Normal” be the Hoped-for Miracle

A miracle, say the rabbis, is an event that happens out of the ordinary. Not in the “normal” realm of things. The Chanukah miracle of a small jug of oil that defied its norm of burning for only one day and instead burned for 8 days, was the perfect example of such a miracle. As Jews celebrate Chanukah this year, things were everything but normal. Some families were still kept apart due to Covid-19. Dining in an upscale restaurant was still in many cases but a memory. Travel was still not a regular occurrence.

Yet, in many ways Chanukah was alive and well with foods and gifts galore. The mere fact that so many in the food industry survived was in itself a miracle, albeit that our friends in the restaurant business continue to suffer. Oddly the one miracle that we all pray for this Chanukah is simply to “return to normal!”