November 17, 2014

Confusion at Kosher Delight Site

It’s been a few weeks since the last burger was made at Kosher Delight which closed after 35 years and for some the mourning continues. It’s hard to simply delete KD out of their memory when it was dinner after a school night, the site of a birthday party, or even dinner for summer bachelors. The Huberfeld family made some of us feel good that they weren’t done just yet, perhaps launching a high-end dairy restaurant. Then came word that the two story kosher landmark may in fact become the latest venture of the dynamic Prime Hospitality Group, using one story for a dairy restaurant and the other for meat. Yeah, say the KD diehards, but it still isn’t a KD Double Deliight. If the Prime rumor turns out to be true, it will only add to what is already a kosher diner’s delight in Flatbush with its multiple options, from the upscale dairy Venezia to the great steaks at Wolf & Lamb.

But as I was contemplating what KD’s afterlife might be like, the restaurant remains shuttered and it features large signs by a realtor that the space is for lease. You could see passersby lament and the buzz of the rumors of what is to come next getting ever louder. So it has become with the very dynamic kosher restaurant world: new openings, rumors of closings, and actual closings. To be sure, the kosher restaurant business is a very volatile business, not only because of the near two-day closure each week due to Shabbat, but because it is highly competitive as many new kosher restaurants continue to open. My good friend Elan Kornblum, the Kosher Restaurant Guy with his excellent magazine and Website ( as well as being the initiator of many creative events is doing a yeoman’s job to help promote dining at kosher restaurants. As for KD, for now the memories linger on.