June 3, 2020

Changing Habits and Changing Players

My phone has been ringing incessantly asking for donations for various causes. Organizations seemed to have decided that despite the shut society, there was plenty of money to go around. One organization that runs an annual breakfast event is offering a gourmet breakfast for two to be delivered to the door for donors. Another organization fired its party planner for an annual dinner and instead hired a restaurant to deliver a full dinner for a minimum donation of $500.

Two officials I spoke to believe that these models are here to stay even when the Covid-19 pandemic is officially over. Add that to the new ways people are shopping nowadays: on-line, curbside pickups, automatic shopping orders and you know that people will be changing habits they developed over decades. Some of the most important people in the retail business will be delivery people, those who fulfill orders, restaurant workers and more. While we wait for society to reopen, we are witnessing a major change in people’s habits. And there’s more: cooking classes by Zoom, on-line college level hospitality courses, and the list goes on. Who said it is difficult to change people’s habits.