September 12, 2016

Can Start-Ups Make it in Today’s Kosher Market?

Rifky has been baking ever since her mother crowned her as “the family baker” amongst her 5 sisters (she also has 5 brothers). Holiday-time meant that she would go into high gear baking for her parents and siblings. Now married for seven years, her passion for baking never ebbed and now her children are the beneficiaries of her baking talents. But when her enamored friends suggested to bake commercially, she suddenly discovered that it was not that easy. She like other start-ups in the kosher world found it difficult to penetrate a world that is dominated by the “big boys.” Short on capital, she desperately needed a “daddy” to help shepherd her line of products, but who?

While a rarity, some start-ups come into the market with enough capital to slowly build and brand their product. Even so, success is not guaranteed as they invariably compete with hundreds of other new items. Others follow the old New York State Lottery slogan of “a dollar and a dream” and once in a while the dream does come true. Some of the larger companies in the kosher world are always looking for new products to add to their inventory. What is important is that people like Rifky have professional guidance and a strategic plan. Otherwise they end up having spent many dollars and holding on to their dream.