August 21, 2017

Who Would Have Believed? Kosher Wrigley’s

Chicago - Miracles are no doubt happening in this city as the Chicago Cubs won the World Series last year after more than 100 years. Now in what appears to be an even greater miracle, Wrigley Field recently launched a kosher stand, the 13thstadium to offer the kosher fare. Owned by Kosher Standz, it is called DanZtand. It is perhaps no wonder that it took so long for Wrigley Field to offer kosher fare. After all, the Wrigley Gum Co. has long been a hold-out in seeking kosher certification. Only in recent years, have some of its products, primarily sold in Israel and Europe gained kosher certification.The Wrigley Company was founded on April 1, 1891, by William Wrigley, It is wholly owned by Mars. It is currently the largest manufacturer and marketer of chewing gum in the world.

Growing up there were certain brands that were the epitome of treif. I can remember the day when Devil Dogs, Oreos and Wrigley’s were referred to in the same breath as the “kosher no-no’s.” Today, two out of the three are kosher and Wrigley’s manufactures some kosher products. Could the kosher stand at the stadium named for William Wrigley Jr. be a signal that all my no-no’s are history? Let us pray.