March 2, 2021

As Goes Passover so Goes Kosher Food Market

I had occasion to speak to quite a few retailers in the past few weeks and was encouraged to hear the optimistic outlook for the upcoming Passover. The Passover aisles are now open for business with an unprecedented array of products, including many new innovative items. Many families will be spending the holiday at home and home cooking will take the place of the many Passover programs that will not open this year.

If the projections are correct, sales will be even higher than in 2019, the year before the Covid-19 pandemic hit. In 2019, sales increased by 12% over 2018. While last year was an aberration, sales were far better than was expected. Over the years, I have heard many retailers say that Passover sales are a litmus test for the strength of the market. Let us hope that this Passover will again presage success for the kosher market.