July 21, 2021

Anyone Wish to Work in a Kosher Restaurant?

I must profess that I have only recently returned to indoor dining. I now realize how much I missed the experience. At one restaurant I used to frequent I noticed that the service had gotten slower. I asked the owner for the reason. “The kitchen is operating with 3 fewer employees than before Covid and I am short two waiters.” On the way out, I noticed a small sign on the door “Help Wanted. Ask Inside.”

Two other restaurants I visited in the last few weeks also had the Help Wanted sign. One told me a waiter that worked for him for over 20 years decided to retire during Covid and has never returned. He has been looking for a replacement for over two months. Then he turned to me: “Do you know anyone who wishes to work in a kosher restaurant?” I guess it might be someone who is not collecting unemployment and getting additional government subsidies. It is a new world, after all!