December 20, 2010

An Unprecedented Time for Showcasing Upscale Kosher Food and Wines

Who would have believed? That’s the way I felt on February 1st at the Kosher Restaurant & Wine Experience, sponsored by Kedem and held on Pier 60 on the Hudson River. I am already used to seeing displays of upscale kosher wines and foods, but this was different. It wasn’t only because of the sheer number of great tasting wines from all over the world, but it was the overall presentation that included magnificent displays by some of New York’s finest kosher restaurants, and of course, Pomegranate with its carving stations with magnificent cuts of meat and exotic dips. But there is more on the horizon. In the next few weeks, Manischewitz will host its annual cook-off, featuring legendary chef Jacques Pepin, and the government of Canada will be hosting an event to introduce some of the finest kosher foods from Canada. Met Council on Jewish Poverty will be hosting a fundraiser for its food program that will include an honor for the former master chef of the Waldorf Astoria, John Doherty.

All of these signs are extremely encouraging as the message of Kosherfest, first introduced 21 years ago, is most definitely catching on. And what is the message of Kosherfest? That kosher foods and wines have come of age, not only in serving a growing base of people who eat kosher but to the world of food in general and that is quite an accomplishment.