March 21, 2018

When America Celebrates Passover

By the end of next week, America will know that Jews are celebrating Passover. Many luxury hotels will be off limits as they will host an exclusive Passover crowd. Try to book a flight in a host of US cities next week and the price is likely to be exorbitant, especially since Easter week this year coincides with Passover. Airports all over the country will see many Passover travelers. TSA  agents are likely to be busy with handmade matzohs. Yes, Americans from one coast to the other will be part of the celebration of Passover. There will be much money to be made as well, not a bad thing for an economy on the rise.

Hebrew will be the spoken language in many parts of the world as Israelis travel to enjoy the Passover holiday in destinations all over the world. Could you imagine what the Passover GNP will be after calculating the cost of food, clothing, travel, hotels and more? Well, if the Jews left Egypt with a small fortune, the holiday that marks the exodus will certainly not fall short. America, enjoy this Jewish holiday. It, more than any other Jewish celebration honors freedom in all of its forms.