October 2, 2017

From the Editor


There is much news on the kosher front as we prepare for the holiday of Succoth this week. We lead with an updated sales report, which shows holiday sales surging forward…We also have the Breaking News that the cRc of Chicago has acquired two Minneapolis-based kashrus agencies. Is this good for kashrus?...Read our exclusive story of how Dallas caterers united to help victims of Hurricane Harvey…So what new wines are out there to celebrate the holidays? Read our story on new French wines…It may still be a year or so away but developers are already planning the largest kosher food court of any mall at American Dream…30 years later Kashrus.com is still as relevant as ever…Devorah Paltiel in her feature covers the resurgence of the knish…or did it never really go out fashion…In My Sixth Sense, I have some well-deserved accolades for a pioneer who now takes his charitable work to the victims of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico…Eda Kram in her New Product Showcase covers new oven roasted turkey breast.

We wish all our subscribers and readers a very happy and healthy holiday of Succoth, Shmini Atzeret and Simchat Torah!


Menachem Lubinsky


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