September 8, 2015

5775 May Have Turned Out the Way We Wished It

It was a year with few crises, save for the usual shortages of some commodities. You could say that it was a year without major scandal, albeit there were many incidents of unauthorized usage of symbols and perhaps some falling short in complying with the demands of their supervisors. Like almost any year nowadays, there were many new openings of restaurants and stores and much expansion, particularly in retail. The demand for kosher food was definitely on the rise, albeit that some stores turned to new services and slightly higher prices just to realize a profit. Most of all it was a good year for the kosher visionaries. At this writing, I can think of two dozen new ideas that have made their way into kosher. Home delivery, new travel programs, and kosher food at airports are just a fraction of the new ideas that surfaced this past year. More and more, the Internet is servicing the kosher person like never before.

So it was a good year, about as sweet as can be. By comparison, ten years ago we faced the aftermath of Katrina, several scandals and more. What can we wish for in 5776? I would vote for much of the same, albeit there is so much else that we are concerned about in the world. Perhaps kosher has become an island of serenity and even enjoyment in a world gone amuck. With economic turmoil in countries like Greece and even concern about the sacred Chinese economy, one economic factor that continues to grow around the world is kosher. Here’s to a happy, healthy and sweet new year!