December 22, 2008

2009: A Look Back and a Look Ahead

So what kind of year was it for kosher? A strange one. We all know what the cover story of this year’s kosher yearbook is: The rise and fall of the Rubashkins. But as much as they were a central part of the kosher story, the cover story for kosher is The Rise and Rise of Kosher Foods. The big story in this issue is that kosher topped all other categories as the leading claim on new products. The number itself, well over 5,000 new products with kosher symbols, is staggering. That many Americans turn to kosher for safety and security is also incredible. This points to the resiliency of kosher in what could easily be termed one of the worst years for the image of kosher. This was clearly in evidence at Kosherfest as many new and interesting healthy and gourmet items were on display with a smattering of meat companies that were struggling to fill the void for kosher meat. Along with the launch of so many new products was another big story, the upscaling of the kosher food retailer with many new luxurious stores for kosher foods and wines.