June 16, 2022

Sharp Eye Needed in New Age for Grocers, Retailers Say

New York…When Heshy (not his real name) did not receive his order for 3 days, he called the distributor to complain only to be told “it’s part of the supply chain problem.” Heshy’s daughter happened to shop at a competing store only to find that the item in question was fully stocked. He and other grocers are complaining that the supply chain response is being used too frequently just as an excuse. Similarly, some grocers are lamenting at a new tacked on shipping charge. Although they are fully aware of the spiking gas prices, they have no way of ascertaining whether the charge is a true pass-along. Some retailers say that they are forced to be more vigilant than ever due to ongoing inflation, supply chain issues and even labor force shortages. “I have been watching my invoices more carefully and for the most part the distributors are trying to be fair passing along only the obvious increases,” said Heshy, adding “but I am troubled when these crazy times, which are bad enough, are used to cut corners.” Passing along higher costs is now part of a trend that has snared even the big boys like McDonald’s. Kosher consumers have been feeling the pinch in all directions as prices have been relentlessly rising causing havoc or the large kosher middle class.