November 30, 2021

Samuel Farkas, Founder of Mehadrin Dairy and Pioneer of “Chalav Yisrael”, Dead at 74

Elizabeth, NJ…The kosher food industry was saddened to learn of the passing of Samuel Farkas, the Chairman of the Board of Mehadrin Dairy. Mr. Farkas, an ardent follower of the Satmar Chasidic group and a supporter of many community projects, was the trailblazer of Chalav Yisrael products in the US. He presided over the growth of Mehadrin since its founding in 1950, a company that began as a small producer of butter, then expanded to yogurt, cottage cheese, and pudding. Today, it produces over 500 products that are sold worldwide. Perhaps his most important contribution was the production of quality Chalav Yisrael products. Chalav Yisrael is the highest standard of kosher dairy products in that they are kosher supervised from the milking to the packaging. Today, an estimated 1 million people consume Chalav Yisrael products that are widely available wherever kosher products are sold.