August 23, 2022

Revamped Kosherfest 2022 New Product Competition Offering Many Perks to Exhibitors; Deadline for Submission October 24th!

Secaucus NJ…The much-anticipated New Product Competition, a major highlight of the annual kosher food trade show, is undergoing a major upgrade for the 2022 edition of Kosherfest, scheduled for November 8-9 at the Meadowlands Convention Center. The competition this year will be hosted by Apron Masters (  Kitchen, a family-oriented cooking school located in Woodmere, NY. Owners Roee Mordechai and Sharona Furman said they were “thrilled to be hosting this major event for the kosher food industry. The prestigious New Product Competition is judged by a panel of kosher industry experts, buyers, and chefs. Products are judged on quality, packaging, pricing, and marketability. This year, a Customized Buyer Feedback will be given to the competition participants. This detailed feedback is designed to provide participants with insight on how to improve and merchandise their product.

To be eligible, products must have been introduced from January 2021 through Kosherfest 2022. All entries are automatically eligible for the New Product Display Case at Kosherfest, receive extensive social media coverage on Kosherfest platforms, receive an official Kosherfest “Best of” seal to be used in marketing materials, have the product featured in the separate Winner’s Display Showcase at Kosherfest and have the opportunity to prepare the food in Kosherfest’s new kitchen. The categories that will be judged include Yogurt & Cheese, Breads & Baked Goods | Jams, Preserves, Dips & Spreads | Savory Snacks, Chips, & Crackers | Pastas, Soups, Rice & Grains | Condiments, Spices, Oils & Dry Goods | Sauces, Marinades & Dressings | Frozen Entrees & Meal Components (Pizza, TV Dinners, etc.) | Sweet Snacks, Cookies & Candy | Beverages (non-alcoholic) |Kosher for Passover (mock-ups, prototypes allowed for this category only) | Health & Wellness | Packaged Meats (Deli, Sausages, Cured Fish, etc.) | Wines, Beer & Spirits | Cereal & Convenience Breakfast | Plant Based/Vegan |Fresh Baked Goods | Frozen Desserts | Giftware, Novelties & Non-Food.