February 2, 2022

Preparations for Passover Underway in Many Households as Programs Hope to Rebound

Rego Park…Eleanor likes to begin cooking for Passover two months in advance and freezing the delicacies in her special Passover freezer, but she says she is “limited because I cannot find some Passover ingredients.” It is simply too early for the stores to stock Passover items, which most stores begin stocking around the Purim (March 17) holiday. A Judaica store said that people were already buying Passover cookbooks, including the popular “Perfect for Passover” by noted cookbook author and kosher authority Naomi Nachman, a “must for many housewives preparing food for the holiday.” 

Preparation was also the order of the day at kashrus agencies. Because of its worldwide network of personnel, the Orthodox Union managed to deploy its masghichim around the world for the special Passover runs. Rabbi Chaim Fogelman of the OK Kosher Certification said that many of his mashgichim were forced to extend their stays in various parts of the world with one in India staying for 6 months. The main issue for the mashgichim was the Covid related restrictions in various parts of the world. 

In the meantime, optimism is growing that the lucrative Passover program industry will rebound, according to Raphy Bloom of www.totallyjewishtravel.com . “Interest is very strong as most people believe that the Omicron variant will have dissipated by the time the holiday rolls along,” said Mr. Bloom.