November 15, 2022

Personal Reflections at Kosherfest…by Eda Kram- Steinberg

When I started working at Lubicom 18 years ago I heard that my boss Menachem Lubinsky was the founder of Kosherfest, the largest kosher food show in the world. At the time I didn’t realize how working at this company and being involved in Kosherfest would change my life. On a personal level I met a woman in the building who eventually became my sister- in-law …married her brother and a few years later had twin girls. On a professional level I got to learn first-hand all about the kosher market from our weekly staff meetings and Menachem’s wealth of knowledge of the kosher industry. Each year the show brought its own energy and opportunities. Standing at our booth I got a chance to be face to face with buyers, vendors, and consumers.  This offered invaluable knowledge no money could buy.

Fast Forward to Kosherfest 2022... there was a feeling in the air that I never felt before. Maybe for me because 18 in Hebrew is Chai (life) and this year was definitely one where I felt the vendors and participants were so genuinely happy to be there. Now that Covid is thank g-d behind us. We can all start to live again and enjoy seeing each other in person and trying new and delicious foods! Looking forward to having a L’chaim at Kosherfest 2023!