January 19, 2022

Passover 2022 Preparations in Full Swing as Prices Soar, but Optimism for a Post Covid Bonanza Intensify

London…With Passover now less than three months away (eve of April 15- 23), the pace of preparations has picked up considerably worldwide. Rabbis have been crisscrossing the globe to finalize the special production of foods for Passover. Matzoh bakeries have been shipping Matzoh to the four corners of the earth. There is a great deal of concern that labor shortages, supply chain issues may affect the delivery of foods for Passover. 

The lucrative kosher travel business for Passover seems headed for a major rebound, according to Raphy Bloom of  www.TotallyJewishTravel.com. The definitive site on kosher travel has 83 programs advertising for Pesach, which has not yet returned to pre-Covid numbers but appears to be well on its way. In an interview with Kosher Today, Mr. Bloom said that “travelers are betting that by the time Passover rolls around, the pandemic will be well behind them.” In 2019, the site listed more than 140 programs.

A number of programs in Mexico, The Bahamas and the USA are either sold out with wait list only or close to being sold out. All the programs are run by existing operators.  Israel has shown strong interest from travelers who are hoping that the borders will remain open for Passover. A number of programs are close to selling out. Dubai and Abu Dhabi are running 5 programs with great interest. There are at least 25 large programs in the USA, 33 programs in Europe, 5 in Dubai/Abu Dhabi, 5 in Mexico - 5 in Israel, 1 each in the Bahamas, Costa Rica, Canada, Mauritius, Brazil, Panama, and South Africa.