January 19, 2022

Grab and Go, Latest Fad for Kosher Consumers

Long Island…Hilda used to enjoy her Sunday trips to one of the large kosher supermarkets but of late she finds herself either running through such a store searching for the Grab and Go items or dashing in and out of a store like Season’s Express. Has the 711-concept come to kosher? Season’s already has Season’s Express stores in Lawrence and Woodmere and will soon open in Teaneck. Many of the kosher supermarkets now emulate some of the large supermarket chains that have these Grab and Go sections in the beginning of the store. The items, like a 711 are carefully chosen to reflect a mix of necessity items and fun like the smoothies in a 711. Many industry people feel that the Express type of stores will only grow in popularity following the Covid epidemic. Said one: “People have somehow learned to avoid crowds and really do not wish to spend too much time in a store.” In some stores Grab and Go includes many Shabbos items like cholent and kugel.