February 28, 2023

Passover 2023 Plagued by Continued Inflation

New York…While there may have been some signs in mid-January that inflation may be easing, it has not trickled down to the kosher consumer who is continuing to experience soaring food prices. Food executives also see a grim outlook for this coming Passover (April 5-13) and expect kosher food prices to rise by some 12% over last year. For example, prices for eggs and potatoes which are basic staples on Passover are expected to remain high. The price for a lb. of potatoes is expected to be near 0.50 while the price for a dozen eggs may on average top $3,00, still much better than the recent $5.00  price tag. Experts warn that while demand has moderated, and supply increased there is still the threat that bird flu may cause further shortages. Inflation is also affecting Jewish communities in Europe and Israel where the new government has vowed to institute price controls for Passover.

In the meantime, inflation has also resulted in higher costs at Passover programs as operators are forced to pass on the inflationary prices to customers. Hotel room rates are also skyrocketing as is air travel.