September 7, 2022

Oh No! Is Crisis Looming for Potato Kugel?

New York…Walk into any kosher supermarket and there was one certainty. The table that had bags of potatoes would almost be full as would the table with the onions. But recently there was less of the Idaho potatoes, which was suffering from the weather from over a year ago where unusually hot temperatures caused a large part of the potato crop to rot. Potatoes that were on the shelves were as much as 25% more expensive. Potatoes are heavily used in most Jewish diets including the traditional potato kugel and cholent used weekly on Shabbos.

Experts expect that the shortage will be short-lived. “I don't anticipate these prices staying high long term. And once harvest gets under way, it'll get back down into a better spot. But I do expect prices to be strong all year this year.” The good news is that this year's harvest is about to begin.