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BartonÕs Sold to Bazzini Nuts, Sources Say

June 29, 2009
Allentown PAÉBartonÕs one of the most iconic brands in kosher over the last half century has been sold as part of an auction to sell off assets of Cherrydale Farms.

Kashrus Agencies Confront Many New Challenges

June 29, 2009
BaltimoreÉThe Star-K on May 26th hosted a meeting of the Association of Kashrus Organizations (AKO), headed by Rabbi Sholem Fishbane, who also heads the Chicago Rabbinical Council (cRc).

New Kosher Accommodations for Shabbat Layover Passengers and at Wimbledon

June 29, 2009
JerusalemÉKosherToday Middle East Bureau ChiefÉEl Al, IsraelÕs national airlines, has reached an agreement with the Committee for the Sanctity of the Sabbath enabling observant passengers in transit on Friday afternoon to layover at the airlineÕs expense when a flightÕs departure may violate the Sabbath.

From Here and ThereÉ

June 29, 2009
Bayonne NJÉThe Kedem Food Group is out with a new catalogue of nearly 2000 skuÕs.
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