Kosher Today Newsletter

KolSave Market Opens Today in Lawrence

January 8, 2018
Lawrence…The developers of the Gourmet Glatt chain of independent kosher stores opened a new “price and value-centered” kosher superstore in Lawrence. The KolSave Market is... Read More

Kosher Expands Internationally

January 8, 2018
The number of countries that produce kosher certified products grew to 104 with the inclusion of the Gulf states of Dubai and Saudi Arabia. At... Read More

Kosher Grows by 13%

January 8, 2018
By all indications, kosher grew by 13% in 2017. Some of the big newsmakers were Kayco which shored up its reach in the West Coast... Read More

The Role of the Internet

January 8, 2018
Our biggest story of the year was the continued development of kosher over the Internet. One of the biggest stories that we covered was the... Read More
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