February 6, 2017

Zika Scare Impacting Passover Bookings Despite Almost no Effect on Tourism in General

Orlando - While bookings for Passover programs appear strong in most destinations, the Zika scare is having an impact on programs in Florida, sources tell Kosher Today. Operators of some of the programs appear miffed as tourism in Florida appears unaffected, particularly in recent weeks when there have been no reported cases of the Zika virus. The effect of the Zika scare seems to have spilled over to Orlando where there never was an issue and where Disney and other major hotel resorts reports an only 1.3% decline in bookings. The Orlando Tourist agency said flatly: “There have been no local, mosquito-borne transmissions of the Zika virus in Orlando.”  They further noted: “Orlando’s tourism corridors are some of the most frequently managed areas for mosquito control, and we have had robust efforts in place for decades as part of enhancing our visitor experience.” Kosher Today has learned that many physicians who serve larger Jewish communities have urged their younger patients to stay away from Florida this Passover season. There was only an insignificant decline of tourism from the major Jewish communities during the current mid-winter vacation but for some reason, say the sources, the physicians urged more caution during the Spring holiday. According to tourist sources, there has not been a similar concern in the general population.