July 7, 2014

Yogurt Maker Seeks to Recapture Original Culture

BROOKLYN, NY — John Fout had an idea: Why not produce pure and wholesome yogurt, the way his wife Angela was used to from her native Lebanon where many people added olive oil as a topping. It all started when their daughter Savana turned six and the Fouts were looking for a pure and wholesome yogurt. John, who says he converted to Judaism when he was married to his first wife who was Jewish, decided that he also wanted his product to be kosher. 

His Sohha Yogurt (which is not Cholov Yisrael) is certified kosher by the Kof-K. Their savory yogurt is made from only three ingredients: locally sourced premium milk, unprocessed sea salt, and probiotic cultures. Using Hudson Valley milk drawn from locally-raised, grass-fed cows, whose milk has Omega-3s and probiotics, free of antibiotics and chemical additives, every cup is fresh and smooth, with a labneh-like, creamy texture. 

They began selling Sohha in a booth at Manhattan’s Chelsea Market and at various farmers markets, but plans are afoot to sell the savory yogurt at a major retail chains, including Fairway’s.