September 19, 2011

Yarmove to be Honored for Promoting Israeli Foods

Chicago … The  America-Israel Chamber of Commerce/Chicago (AICC) will honor Yakov Yarmove with its Business Leadership Award at a dinner on November 14th.  Yarmove, the Corporate Business Manager, Ethnic Marketing and Specialty Foods, for SuperValu, recently led a delegation of food executives on a mission to Israel where they visited numerous food plants and supermarkets throughout the country. Howard I. Bernstein, Chairman of the AICC said: “It is very clear to anyone interested in Israel that Mr. Yarmove has been a strong, consistent, and successful supporter. His efforts have not only placed Israeli products onto supermarket shelves, but have also made kosher, especially Israeli, food and beverage products much more available to seekers of those products.”  AICC/Chicago has been in operation for well over fifty years, and is devoted to developing and enhancing mutually beneficial bi-lateral trade between the USA and Israel.