September 30, 2009

Yankee Fans to Enjoy Kosher Fare in Post-Season

New York…Rabbi Naftali Marrus, the Rabbinic Coordinator – Restaurants And Catering for the OK Kosher Certification will most likely be busier than usual this October. With the Yankees in the post-season, his team of six mashgichim at Yankee Stadium will busy certifying the four glatt kosher stands at the new magnificent stadium. In an interview in OK Spirit, Rabbi Marrus describes the tedious work that went into arranging for the kosher fare: “To ensure that kosher food and equipment would be completely segregated, a lot of work went into how to best set everything up and how to comply with Yankee protocol – which actually enhanced the kosher program!” The food is prepared by Ouri Nidam of Ouri’s Sports Kosher Catering under OK supervision. In addition to the four stands at the Stadium, kosher food is also supplied to the private and exclusive Legends section. Glatt kosher has been available at both ballparks of the Yankees and Mets and sporadically in several other cities. With the introduction of the new Yankee Stadium and CitiField, the kosher program received a major upgrade, to the delight of fans in both parks. For Yankee fans, the topping this year would be the crown as champions of the baseball world.