February 19, 2013

Yakov Yarmove Profiled in Mishpacha Magazine as Preparations for Passover are in Full Swing

NEW YORK — Yakov M. Yarmove, the Corporate Business Manager, Ethnic Marketing and Specialty Foods for SUPERVALU is “busy making Passover,” as the expression goes. Last week, Yarmove, a leading international expert on kosher, was profiled by Mishpacha, a major magazine for Orthodox Jews in Israel, the US and elsewhere. During the week  he made the cover of Mishpacha, he rolled out his Purim ads with a full spread of foods for the Purim meal as well as for “mishloach manos,” the traditional food gifts given to friends on Purim, which this year will take place on Sunday February 24th. In the Mishpacha article, Yarmove speaks of his innovative kosher programs in many of the 1300 Supervalu stores where he coordinates the kosher program. He uses Kosherfest as a barometer for many of the new products that will be on Passover shelves and sounded some familiar themes like pleading for more new products but not products that already duplicate existing items. He has been a staunch supporter of importing some of the new and exciting products from Israel. He frequently heads up delegations of supermarket buyers to Israel to witness the food revolution there  first hand. While the focus on Passover is in full swing these days, for Yarmove, Passover begins the day the last Passover ends, which this year is just about 6 weeks away..