October 15, 2012

World Kashrus Officials to Gather November 15th, Day After Kosherfest

NEW YORK -- As many as 150 officials of kashrus agencies worldwide are expected to gather for the annual AKO Conference on November 15th, according to Rabbi Sholem Fishbane, head of the Association of Kashrus Organizations (AKO). The date coincides with Kosherfest which takes pace November 13-14 at the Meadowlands Exposition Center in Secaucus NJ, which is attended by the kashrus officials. The Conference takes place at the headquarters of the Orthodox Union in Lower Manhattan. 

The officials last met in Toronto in July at which they addressed a long list of issues. The annual conference as well as the other AKO sponsored meetings has led to greater cooperation between the kosher supervision agencies worldwide. In Toronto, which mostly gathered local Vaadim (kashrus committees) more than 30 topics were discussed, including kashrus in foodservice, the relationship between the Vaadim and the national organizations, kashrus in medicine and toiletries, insect infestation, and wine certification. Rabbi Fishbane said that the agenda for this year’s conference will be released in the coming days.