January 7, 2013

With a Successful Chanukah Behind Them, itÕs Full Steam Ahead to Passover

NEW YORK — Chanukah 2012 was according to most kosher sources a huge success with sales said to have soared to new levels in many communities. In Brooklyn, some stores said that sales increased by 8% - 13%. In a random survey of a half dozen stores, most listed such items as prepared foods, frozen latkes, and doughnuts as having lead the pack. But with just 11 weeks remaining until Passover (eve of March 25th), the industry is racing to meet production and delivery deadlines. 

Production of matzoh and other Passover items is well underway and shipments to warehouses, according to some distributors, have been stepped up, all because of “the early holiday.” Many were already preparing for Purim, which this year falls on February 24th, a full two weeks earlier than the holiday falls on average. One distributor said that the short window often means slower sales, “but we’ll see.” 

With the early Passover, Florida seemed to be a sure bet as a destination for many “snowbirds” that will most likely stay for the holiday to enjoy the warm weather. Not surprisingly, several stores were already preparing their aisles for the Passover set.