October 19, 2020

Winterizing the Vertical Farm at Evergreen will Assure Supply

Monsey…Shoppers at the large Evergreen Kosher Market couldn’t watch produce growing in the container at the entrance to the store as the 20’ farm was closed to prepare for the winter. Sam Miner was busy making sure that the water supply necessary for irrigation and temperature control systems were all prepared so they would not freeze over during the brutally cold days of winter in Rockland County. The geoponically grown produce had already gone through successful harvests much to the delight of consumers who appreciate the organically grown produce right in front of their eyes. The farm is the brainchild of the Israeli-based Vertical Field which developed the innovative method of vertical farming in all seasons. The absence of pesticides is another feature that appeals to customers as is the fact that there is less infestation although the produce such as lettuce, kale, and dill are rechecked and washed. For the evergreen team, the knowledge that supply will be available even on cold snowy days is an enormous asset to their business.