February 22, 2016

Winn-Dixie Destination Stores Draw Kosher Consumers from Far and Near

Aventura, FL - Although they certainly have many options in Miami Beach, the Rubins prefer to travel to Aventura to the Winn-Dixie kosher destination store. Like kosher destination stores in many parts of the country, the Winn-Dixie store here and in such places in Boca Raton is designed to be a one-stop shopping experience for kosher consumers. On this Thursday afternoon, shoppers were waiting patiently in line at the deli and take-out counter while the nearby non-kosher deli counter had only one customer. The kosher consumers were loading up on salads, gefilte fish, kugels and almost anything that you would expect at a kosher take-out store. Nearby was a beautiful presentation of sushi trays. On the right side was a bakery with artisan breads, fancy cakes, and an assortment of challah. Wherever you looked the kosher stock was plentiful, from the broad assortment of wines, to the many Israeli products and the dairy aisle of plenty of cholov Yisroel items, all closely watched by a team of mashgichim. Most of the customers shared the sentiment that “there was nothing that they were missing.” One supplier who happened to be stocking shelves said: “It is difficult to tell this store from an independent, only that it is nice with wider aisles and plenty of checkout counters.” Winn-Dixie, is a chain with more than 500 stores in five states in the South. What was interesting was to find the Rubins from Miami Beach, the Goldbergs from Boynton Beach and even the Landaus from Ft. Lauderdale. Create a great kosher destination store and they will come.