July 27, 2015

Will Whole Foods Extend Kosher to Kosher Meats?

New York - A recent story in KosherToday about the growing kosher options in Whole Foods stores included the many new healthier products that are supplied by Kayco (the Kedem Group). A review of the many kosher products available at Whole Foods stores shows that while the chain does offer some kosher poultry, it does not sell kosher slaughtered meat. An inquiry sent to Whole Foods about their policy on kosher slaughtered meat has thus far gone unanswered. At least one purveyor of a kosher grass-fed meat business told KosherToday that she has had no luck in getting the chain to carry her meats. The purveyor said that the chain’s special certification (not kosher but quality) of meats is accepted by other stores like Mrs. Green's and Chipotle. The kosher meat issue notwithstanding, Whole Foods continues to increase its kosher offerings, especially as more and more kosher natural and organic products become available.