November 4, 2013

Will ShopRite Listen to Requests for More Kosher?

SPRINGFIELD, NJ — The ShopRite chain is considered to be one of the leading supermarket chains in the country when it comes to kosher. Its “Kosher Experience” was a trailblazer in the supermarket world. A neighboring store in Livingston includes plenty of kosher products on the shelves and in freezers and refrigerators. According to the New Jersey Jewish News, Observant Jews in Springfield are engaged in a letter-writing campaign urging ShopRite to expand its kosher offerings at a new store scheduled to open in Union next year. 

The petitioners, led by a congregant at Springfield’s Orthodox Congregation Israel, are asking ShopRite to include a Kosher Experience, an expanded kosher aisle and butcher shop found at ShopRite stores in Livingston and West Orange. So far, says the NJJN, ShopRite has said that no kosher butcher shop is planned in the Union store, although it will feature “extended kosher offering[s].” Organizers of the letter-writing drive say they are satisfied with the response, although they wouldn’t mind if the company reconsidered. Letter-writing has long been an effective weapon of choice in many communities. Supermarket officials say that they take such campaigns very seriously in every food category, but take particular notice when it is kosher. The new ShopRite is scheduled to open on Route 22 at Springfield Road in Union, in a space formerly occupied by Pathmark, in late March or early April 2014.