March 5, 2019

Will an Amazon Retail Chain Cut Into Traditional Sales of Kosher?

New York - Amazon is already into kosher, big time, many food experts say. The on-line giant already offers more than 15,000 kosher certified items on-line. Its 500 Whole Foods stores also have a very impressive array of kosher certified products. And now, says the Wall Street Journal, Amazon is planning to go into retail with its first store scheduled to open in Los Angeles this yearand two other locations in early 2020. According to the report, Amazon also is in discussions to open grocery stores at shopping centers in San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C.In addition, sources told the Journal that Amazon is mulling potential acquisitions of grocery retail chains with around a dozen stores. It is no secret that the retail scene has been changing with many supermarket chains reporting flat sales or declines, including such iconic brands like Kroger. One chain that seems to be thriving is the Florida-based Publix chain which reported significant gains in sales in recent months. With the uncertainty continuing with the large retailers, kosher food industry sources are certain that the landscape will change for them as well.