October 4, 2011

Who Would Have Believed? Kosher Wine from California Outscores Best of French Wines

Tel Aviv…Israelis pay a great deal of attention to an annual wine tasting  in Paris that for 35 years has crowned some of the best tasting wines. Surprising as it was to the Israelis and certainly the French who learned that their competitors came from the Western United States, it was a huge boost to the Herzog family whose Californian Herzog Special 2005 was amongst the winners. The tasters considered some of the best wines from the Boudreaux region as well as a magnificent and highly valued Burgundy collection. The tasters showered accolades at the Herzog wine. They used words like “rich,” “elegant,” “dynamic,” and “bombastic.” But the reportage in Israel also focused on the fact that the wines were kosher, which to many is the real story. The fact that a kosher wine is in the competition is in itself a story, but to be judged by international experts who for years have reserved their best accolades for the world-class wines from France is an accomplishment kosher hopes to take to mainstream wine connoisseurs.