August 20, 2019

Who Said Milk is Milk? Chalav Yisrael Companies Cite Differences

Newark, NJ…Milk is not milk! There is a difference between milk or so say at least two companies that are openly marketing the quality of their milk. A relative newcomer on the chalav yisrael (higher standard kosher supervised) milk shelf is Smart Milk by Best Value Kosher Foods. According to Rivka Banayan “we produce our milk in a plant near Pittsburgh which produces much higher quality milk than is currently on the market.” She listed some of the attributes of the milk including the all-important probiotics, 22% more vitamin D, and RSBT free. Launched several weeks ago, Best Value is planning to expand its line that already includes low fat, skim, whole, half and half, and heavy cream. Not to be outdone, Devash Farms, based in Brooklyn, is marketing A1 free milk, “that comes from cows genetically tested to be 99% free of the A2 protein.” In less than 20 years, A2 milk has taken over 10% of the milk market in Australia and New Zealand, arriving in the US two years ago. The Banayan family has a long history of involvement in chalav yisroel dairy products, launching such brands as Goldman’s and Ahava. The Banyans in the past have marketed the concept of quality milk at fair prices. Some stores say that with very tight shelf space, they will judge the “winners” based on customer acceptance.